Sophy Zu

Art and innovation for social change


 Hello, I’m Sophy Zu a Mexican artist and social entrepreneur.

About my history, let me tell you that wasn’t easy to discovered what is my life mission, because for many years I avoided the fact that I’m an artist, and in this path I learned how to solve problems using creativity no matter how big or small it was I used to solve everything bringing Innovation and creating new opportunities for business.
My life career is Architect and I studied an Urbanism Master Degree and was learning about urbanism that I discovered that every society is built on the human values, everything we create around us becomes part of our urban culture, so big problems in the cities sometimes can be solve by changing our values and the way we think, but in this stressful cities is hard to take a break and stop to question ourselves what we want or what we going to leave for future generations.

Now I want to ask you, don’t you dream to have a better world? Or let me ask you this way Will you dare to be a better person for this world?

Personally I was never patient, I get tired to wait for others and just started to question my self what I can do with what I have? and now I just question to my self every day how I can be better than yesterday? And is not about to be perfect is about to accepting the fact that as humans we can fail, but is what we learn about our reality that make us stronger and more courageous.

So yes the world has big problems and you and me for sure we have more personal problems but is what we do with that problems that can change our lifes.

We can take it as an opportunities to create better reality for you, for you family and community, if you are waiting for some one else to resolve something that bothers you, let me tell you that you have to options, wait or take an action.

I always was an entrepreneur, my first business project was a magazine for the University, and after an architectural company and creative consulting firm, but I couldn’t have enough passion till some friends and I create a nonprofit organization and we start to promote social change,

My life adventures are surrounded by travels and in every city, I’ve found great people dreaming about to bring their mission to the world especially young people with great projects, solving global problems, more entrepreneurs like me, so for a moment I just question about what if we forgot the borders, and we start to interact helping each other to become better persons for the world, better leaders, and better friends.

So one day I decided to stop everything in my life and ask myself where I going, I confess I felt lost, so I started to pray every day and ask God what was the real meaning of my life, what was my life mission, and after many days of meditation and giving me the opportunity to know me better and be honest with myself I accept that I’m an artist and all the talents, skills and learnings was made for use art and innovation as a social change.

This page is dedicated to the new artist generation, to social entrepreneurs, social leaders, and citizens of the world. Was made with the proposed to bring innovation using, color, music, dance, design, architecture, and technology.

But innovation with life, preserving nature, innovation with social change, bringing more opportunities to become us better persons and better societies, Innovation with human interactions building cultural bridges, Innovation with a better business making a better social economy.


 Why I’m doing this? Simple I want to be honest with who I’m and be a better person every day working with passion in the things that I love and sharing experiences with friends around the world.

In this blog, I will share articles about how art and innovation are changing the market and how we can use them to inspire the world and make a social change.

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